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New Girl: Understanding A Patch Quote

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When it came to my first day of work at Burgass Carrier Bags earlier this month, I was a little daunted to say the least. Having no background whatsoever with carrier bags, other than using them to cart shopping home, it soon became clear that I had a lot to learn! With that in mind, it was suggested that I share my learning with you, the reader/ potential customer, in case you were new to this game and as confused as I was about all the jargon involved. Luckily I’ve had an excellent tutor here in Louise, and I’m hoping to share some of her wisdom with you.


To get us started, we’ll take a look at our standard plastic bag. If you call us for a quote, the reply you will get is usually “so is that on a 15 18 3 180 gauge patch?” to us in the know (I’m hoping I can count myself in this category now) this makes perfect sense but to the rest of the world it’s just a load of numbers!

By writing it out properly, things start to make a little more sense;

White 15 x 18 x 3’’ 180G Patch

The first little bit is pretty self-explanatory – the colour at the beginning denotes the colour of the polythene, in this case white. The next set of numbers indicates the size of the bag, which in plastic bags is written as width x height x gusset (in inches).

The next number is a source of confusion for some; 180G denotes the thickness of the plastic not the weight. We measure the thickness of polythene in ‘gauge’ hence the ‘G’ after the number. 180g is the standard and thinnest we do. If you need to carry something heavier, need it to be opaque to hide some dirty little secrets, or just have more money to throw about then we can offer thicker gauges- just ask!

The last word is the type of bag we are making, in this case ‘Patch Handle’. Our patch handle bags are so named because a patch of extra plastic is added to the inside of the bag, at the top, to reinforce the punched out handle. Because it’s on the inside of the bag, it doesn’t affect the overall look of the bag- which is great for both businesses and their customers!

So now that you’ve read this and learnt all about our lingo for plastic carrier bags, I don’t expect any phone calls asking about what the words mean! I’m kidding of course, we’re always happy to answer any queries here at Burgass – just give us a ring on 01159 431775 and ask away! For a quote for your design on cheap printed bags please email  Also come back next week for a new post about something else I’ve learned- I’m not quite sure what about yet- you’ll just have to come back here next Friday and see!

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