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Meet Andrew

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It’s time once again for ‘Meet the team’ . We’re back up in the office this time meeting Andrew who sorts out our despatches and ensures your bags are delivered to the correct destination and on time.  This job requires someone with an eye for detail, great organisational skills and the ability to keep cool under pressure. Not a smile for the camera but here’s a little more about Andrew.

AndrewName: Andrew

Nickname: None

Funny habit: Being obsessively compulsive about unimportant details.

Unique skill: Pretty good at Mario Kart

Guilty Crush: Goku

Favourite holiday destination: Cuba

Favourite movie: Labyrinth

Favourite Tipple: Lager

Your biggest waste of time: Video Games

Your Phone Background:  Some sort of wave, it was already on the phone.

What you’d like to be when you grow up: A millionaire

Favourite pancake topping: Golden Syrup

Role in making the bags: Getting bags labelled and prepared to go out to customers.


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