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Its Promotional Products Week!

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To some businesses with products to sell, promotional carrier bags are a necessity. But beyond the practicality personalised bags can also be an extremely effective marketing tool. The second a customer walks out of your business carrying a bag printed with your logo, your brand is out there for the world to see. Similarly, handing out promotional carrier bags at trade shows and events means attendees carrying them around are a walking advert for your brand. It indicates your presence in the area and that you are a business worth noticing.

Additionally, it’s no secret that people save their ‘best’ carrier bags for further use (I’m no stranger to the ‘bag cupboard’ myself!). Repeated use of your promotional carrier bags means repeated exposure for your business, whether it be on the school playground or the high street. A wide variety of repeated use means your brand could be reaching a great number of people, long after its first use, much more than those personalised pens or mugs that sit on office desks!

Here at Burgass, our promotional bags come in a variety of styles, colours and price categories. We cater for anyone who is serious about their brand, from small independent retailers to big multi nationals, and with such quick turnaround times, branded bags are an affordable possibility for any business.

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