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Boutique Carrier Bags

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Entering a beautiful boutique shop you would expect to walk out with a bag that reflects the prestige of the store. Possessing a designer bag practically becomes a fashion accessory when it has been well designed; we have all used our favourite boutique carrier bags to put our PE kits in for school. At Burgass we make a selection of printed bags that boutiques just love. The most favoured bag for boutiques is the printed paper bag with twisted paper handles which we offer in a range of sizes, and designs.  Another style of choice regularly spotted in boutiques are printed plastic bags with flexi loop handles, designed to be tough, durable and long lasting often branded as a reusable ‘ bag for life’.  These two types of bag are great for larger items such as clothes and shoes. Boutiques generally use our smaller flat tape carrier bags for smaller products such as jewellery and accessories.

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The UK has one of the highest online shares of their internal markets with 15.2% forecast for 2015. Similarly online sales in the UK for 2014 were £44.97 billion and have already increased to £52.25 billion so far for 2015! These statistics suggest that one of the best ways for boutiques to increase their business is to set up an online shop. For boutique shops with an online store, mailing bags are advantageous. Not only are they lightweight and a safe method for transporting goods but having a mailing bag printed with your brand/logo will help increase the awareness of your brand. Most boutique shops will have a complete ‘collection’ of bags comprising of various sizes of twist, flat tape and mailers. Making their brand well rounded. Maybe it’s something you should consider doing too?   Interested in getting bags for your boutique? Enquire here!

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