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Insect Lore Mailing Bags

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Insect lore is one of our more interesting customers! They provide a range of products that allow you to experience nature in your own home by hatching creepy crawlies and watching them grow. One of their most exciting products gives you the exciting opportunity to witness one of nature’s most amazing transformations up close, with a live butterfly garden.Insect lore mailing bags, printed postal bagsYou start the process by making your order online, and then you will receive your butterfly habitat through the post. The Butterfly Garden will come with a coupon to send away for five caterpillars. The caterpillars are hatched from eggs in a butterfly nursery and mailed to your home in a special clear container, complete with caterpillar food.  The kit comes with a dropper for squeezing sugar water into the habitat for the butterflies to drink. It is also proposed that flowers be placed in the habitat for the butterflies to rest on while they enjoy their meals. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly normally takes two to three weeks: seven to ten days in caterpillar stage, and seven to ten days in chrysalis stage. Insect Lore guarantees that at least three of the five caterpillars you receive will grow into adult butterflies. It is suggested that you enjoy your butterflies for a couple of days and then experience the excitement of releasing them to continue their amazing life cycle. Insect Lore recommends that butterflies be released within a week of their emergence, when temperatures are above 12 degrees Celsius.

These innovative products have made science more approachable and significant to children. They simply encourage early discovery and hands on learning.

If you’re wondering how these delicate insects get transported from one place to another here’s your answer, right here at Burgass we have been lucky enough to make some great printed postal bags especially for insect lore to transport the fragile insects.  These bags are really bright and eye catching so will stand out in the post! They were created by a method of printing called process printing which allows for a high level of detail including photo-like images.

So why not experience the excitement for yourself and get a kit?

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