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Burgass Bag BAFTAS

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With award season well underway, we thought we would have some fun and show you some of our favourite bags that we have made in the last year.


Below are our 3 award categories and their nominees!


Most Imaginative Bag Design

Here we are looking for the most exciting bag, where clever design has been used to make those bags stand out. Well done to the designers behind these beauties!

1.      Clear bag with yellow print

The use of the clear film and the bright yellow print creates a modern looking bag, that any self respecting fashionista would be happy to walk down the street with.

2.      Vypex apparel
We love the idea of using a clear matt ink to create a subtle, yet luxurious looking, logo. The matt ink not only creates a different visual on the bag, but it also has a gorgeous texture making these bags tactile as well as beautiful.

3.      Aynsley China

Aynsley’s use of their world famous china pattern in the gussets is a fantastic way for them to tie their brand together. Many people know the pattern and not the name, and by combining the two it is a sure fire way to get their name onto more peoples lips.



Most Unusual Bag Use

This category is looking for the most ingenious bag use. Literally thinking out side of the box, to use a bag as more than just a bag, these are some of our most exciting bags.

1.      Sign bag

So simple, it is a surprise this hasn’t been thought of before! A standard bag (just with no handle), then simply turn it upside down for it to act as a cover for a road sign, or, put it on a cone/ placard and create a new temporary road sign during road works.

2.      Benefit bag 

This is a great use of a small bag- a simple hole punch hole and voila a bag that can be hung on a hook!

3.       Free sample bags 

Another alternative use for our bags, sample pouches

4.      Mailer with clear window

We make mailers all the time, but the use of a clear film plus 100% ink creates a clear window for an address to show through



Burgass’ Best Bag

1.      Twist

Our good old faithful twist handle paper bags have become a firm favourite with our customers. Strong, recyclable and aesthetically pleasing. What isn’t there to love about a twist?

2.      Loop

AKA the bag for life. Growing in popularity due to the bag tax, the bag for life can be used again and again, which means that your brand and message will be seen by the customer more than once.

3.      Mailer

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, mailers are a great way to advertise even when you don’t have a shop on the high street.

4.      Duffle


More than just a bag, a duffle can become more of a fashion statement than a piece of plastic. Duffles are regularly reused as gym bags or swim or PE kit holders. Definitely a favourite with the whole family!


Who do you think we should crown the winner?!

This post was written by Louise @ Burgass

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